About WritersBlogque

I'm Peggy Varner. A writer, editor, publisher, communications professional, and outdoor enthusiast living in the National Capital Region of Canada.

My number one goal is to help the client achieve their goals. My number two goal is to work with clients that are doing something good for the environment and society. I believe you choose your clients as much as they choose you.

Today, most people play the numbers game. They judge how well they are doing by how many visits they get to their website, how many friends they have on Facebook, how many people attend their event, and how much they sell.

Numbers are important but so is quality and visitor experience. People hire me when they care about quality, visitor experience and engagement. Numbers alone cannot run the show, or the numbers will soon start to show that something is missing.

There needs to be a balance between numbers, quality, visitor experience and what you can comfortably produce and maintain. It's called sustainable development. It’s the same law in nature and in business. We need to develop with care and care about what we develop and how it impacts our environment and society.

I invite you to visit my most popular blog about paddling and perspective: 
The BaffinPaddler http://baffinpaddler.blogspot.com

Clients I've worked with in my professional life:
The Great Waterway, Ontario Tourism Region 9
Marketel Advertising Agency
Station Mont Tremblant
Just for Laughs
Altitude Sports
Quebec Major Junior Hockey League
Vitrerie Guy Lebeau
Sylvestre Marketing
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Agriculture Canada
Environment Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada
Canadian Heritage
Natural Resources Canada
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Commissioner of Official Languages
Canadian International Development Agency
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

I also have a secret clearance with the Government of Canada. 

Happy reading, writing, and finding your writer self.
To hire the writer contact Peggy Varner at: baffinpaddler@hotmail.com