Saturday, June 19, 2010

Web Writer Pet Peeve Number One

Websites built on excuses for why they are bad!

That statement pretty much sums up what I've seen everywhere I go in my work life.

There are lots of reasons why your website is bad but here's the bottom line: The content on there means nothing to no one and some or all of the gadgets you put on it don't work.

Entertain me, educate me, or help me find or do something without wasting my time or confusing me. That's the job of your website. As a visitor, I don't care about all the excuses that everyone who runs or contributes to it provides as to why the site is bad.

All the time people spend explaining what is wrong with their website could be spent fixing it.

Think about it. Listen to your Web Editor. Give us editorial control and watch your website improve.

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